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Award-winning Computer Technology

WIMCO has turned to the Computer Guidance Corporation's eCMS solution because communication is the key to a successful relationship between owners, architects, suppliers, subcontractors and WIMCO. By leveraging such tools as Document Imaging, Electronic Workflow, Business Intelligence and more, eCMS provides WIMCO versatility, communication and control over our critical data and documents.

All vital information is submitted through one point of entry, which allows WIMCO to quickly route data to the appropriate person. These tools allow multiple people to simultaneously make decisions. Having immediate access to real-time information makes everyone's job much easier and maintains a high level of subcontract processing. What used to take four people two days to accomplish can now be done by one within 30 minutes. Also, being able to approve invoices throughout the month instead of doing it all at month's end helps WIMCO's project managers make informed decisions regarding cost overruns.

WIMCO has recognized the power of a fully integrated financial accounting suite and that power is translated into very real financial gains. We have achieved 13% growth in revenue over the last fiscal year with no additional accounting or project management staff. WIMCO has reached a level of efficiency that has given us a distinct competitive advantage over our peers. Affording us increased flexibility, dependability and superior performance, Computer Guidance regularly fulfills our needs with powerful tools capable of handling daily demands.