Subcontracting with WIMCO

As a subcontractor to WIMCO, you are a key part of the "WIMCO Way" of doing business. Our company team members treat all our subs the way we want to be treated – with respect and appreciation for a job well done. We want you to be successful, so our dedicated support staff is here to walk you through the job process and clearly communicate all expectations.

To learn more about your opportunity to work with WIMCO, please contact our office at 252-946-5175. You will be provided with a subcontractor information form. Once this form is completed, it will be entered into our database and the information will be shared with WIMCO Project Managers and Estimators. You may also contact our support team on a regular basis to learn about potential and upcoming WIMCO projects.

For subcontractors currently part of the WIMCO team, please contact your Project Manager or Superintendent for details about specific projects. Contact Stephanie Rose at or Darlene Moore at for specific questions regarding accounts payable.