Pre-Construction Services

At WIMCO Corp, we believe that getting involved in a project as early as possible is beneficial to all parties. Our team of Estimators and Project Managers has many years of construction experience that helps guide clients during the pre-construction and design phases. By getting involved early in the process, we are able to work with the design team in creating the most cost-effective project. We also assist with budgeting throughout the design phase, offer value engineering and resolve constructability issues before the project ever goes to final construction documents.

We strongly believe that the time we spend during the early phases of the project pays off when it comes to the bidding and construction aspects of the job. Our main goals during the pre-construction process are to be able to build the project within the owner's budget and eliminate surprises once the construction begins. These goals are achieved through a collaborative working relationship between all parties involved, from the owner to the architect, engineers, consultants and local jurisdictions.

We are constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the construction field. We use both Timberline Estimating and On-Screen Takeoff to generate accurate and detailed cost estimates. We use historical data from our extensive database of past projects, which allows us to provide accurate construction costs to the owner. We often utilize aerial site images to create a detailed architectural site plan. From this plan, we can generate a detailed site estimate and create a visual aspect of the proposed building on the site.

Whether you have a design team in place or are simply interested in discussing the concept of a new project, we would enjoy sharing our experience with you. Please contact Chad Fisher, Director of Pre-Construction Services at or (252) 946-5175.